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Fairmont Baku Hotel, Baku, Azerbaijan

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World Renowned Experts in Medical Education

Keynote Speakers

Experts of Medical Education from all over the world will grace the conference

The Speakers

Pro-Vice-Chancellor at International Medical University

President, Meducate Global, LLC, USA

Head of Medical Education at Azerbaijan Medical University

Associate Professor at QU Health, Qatar University

Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences

Vice-rector at Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport

Associate Professor at Khyber Medical University

Head, Medical Education at Universiti Sains Malaysia

Head of Public Health and Reforms Center at Ministry of Health, Azerbaijan

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics) at Riphah International University

Professor at Thomas Jefferson University

Chancellor at Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE

Dean at Riphah International University

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology

Head, Innovation & Quality Management Office at Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan

Dean at Riphah International University

Vice-President of the Saudi Society of Medical Education (SSME)

Dean at RAK College of Dental Sciences UAE

Manager, Technology Enhanced Learning at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK

Dean at Riphah International University

Founder & Rector, Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland (ALSS)

Associate Professor at Azerbaijan Medical University

Associate Fellow of AMEE (AFAMEE)

Principal at University of Lahore

Professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Head of the Intensive Care Unit at the National Center for Oncology

General Director of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR)

Deputy Chairman of Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan Republic

Countdown to  ICME 2023

ICME Overview

Riphah International University in collaboration with Azerbaijan Medical University is going to organize ICME in Baku, Azerbaijan on October 07-10, 2023. International Conference on Medical Education (ICME) was launched by Riphah International University in 2009 to provide a credible platform for interaction of world renowned experts in Health Profession Education. ICME has so far been organized biennially in Abu Dhabi, Mauritius, Istanbul and Joint Conference with Ottawa 2018 in Abu Dhabi. It was second occasion, after the first ICME in 2009, that the conference was organized in October 2019 in Islamabad after ten years. The 7the ICME was organized virtually in collaboration with Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta in 2021.

Experience the beauty of Baku

Azerbaijan, or the 'Land of Fire', is a country of contrast between the old and the new. No other country had gone through such a drastic transformation from the Soviet-era to now than Azerbaijan and the best place to see this transformation first hand is in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan.

Program Highlights

By registering for the conference, you will be able to join Plenaries, Symposia, What the Experts Say? Sessions, Meet the Experts and Oral/Poster Presentations.
[mkdf_timetable_list shadow=”yes” title=”Plenaries”][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 09, 2023 (0900-1030)”]Plenary 01

Ricardo Leon-Borquez

Garay Chingiz Garaybayli[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 10, 2023 (0900-1030)”]Plenary 02

William Pinsky

Ismail Ibrahim Matalka[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][/mkdf_timetable_list]

[mkdf_timetable_list shadow=”yes” title=”Symposia”][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 09, 2023 (1330 – 1530)”]Symposium 1: Technology in Medical Education[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 09, 2023 (1600 – 1800)”]Symposium 2: Accreditaiton & Standards in Medical Education[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 10, 2023 (1100 – 1300)”]Symposium 3: Innovations in Curriculum Design[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 10, 2023 (1100 – 1300)”]Symposium 4: Assessment & Evaluation in Medical Education[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 10, 2023 (1400 – 1600)”]Symposium 5: Global Health & Medical Education[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 10, 2023 (1400 – 1600)”]Symposium 6: Wellness & Resilience in Medical Educaiton[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][/mkdf_timetable_list]
[mkdf_timetable_list shadow=”yes” title=”What the Experts Say? Sessions”][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 09, 2023 (1330 – 1530)”]WES 01: Anis Ahmad, Yawar Hayat Khan, Alina Zhumaguloba, Azim Mirzazadeh[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 09, 2023 (1600 – 1800)”]WES 02: Hossam Hamdy, Elmar Rzayev, Zackiya Mustafayeva[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 10, 2023 (1600 – 1730)”]WES 03: Muhamad Saiful Bahri, Rahila Yasmeen, Mona Hamoud Al Sheikh[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][mkdf_timetable_list_item title=”October 10, 2023 (1600 – 1730)”]WES 04: Fadil Citaku, Lawrance Sherman, Mahwish Uzair, Zahra Vazirova[/mkdf_timetable_list_item][/mkdf_timetable_list]
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International Conference on Medical Education (ICME)

There will be world renowned speakers of medical education to talk on opportunities and challenges in medical education and this will be an opportunity to get to explore the new areas of medical education.
Meet with our Academic Partners in the conference

Academic Partners

Meet with our collaborators in the conference



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